Urban Decay No Longer Cruelty Free: should you care?

Cruelty-free beauty addicts are lamenting the fall of Urban Decay as a flagship cruelty-free makeup brand all over the internet as soon as the Leaping Bunny removed them from their list of certified companies. Urban Decay also put out a statement of their own, explaining their reasons for giving up their cruelty-free certifications in order to sell to China, which requires animal testing of cosmetics sold to Chinese consumers. Urban Decay claims that their decision to sell in China was not for the purposes of profit, but rather to incite change in the country, which they believe is best done if they are selling in China:

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xo Colleen


2 thoughts on “Urban Decay No Longer Cruelty Free: should you care?

  1. So upsetting. I read about this via Leaping Bunny’s Facebook page, and posted it on my blog’s Facebook page. Despite how awesome UD is, resorting to animal testing is pathetic and unnecessary. Perhaps a letter to the Chinese government is in order. I am an anarchist, so I really have problems with a government telling me what they think is best for my needs. I was thinking about putting together a letter to send to the Chinese government. So many companies seem to be flip-flopping in order to sell there. 😦

    • I know I hate the flip-flopping, it shows that profit is first, ethics second. Thankfully I wasn’t a big UD fan anyway, but I hate seeing companies who are big influential leaders in the cruelty-free industry compromise their commitment.

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