What should I do with all those toxic nail polishes?

Eliminating toxins from your lifestyle is a constant journey that doesn’t really have an end. As we find out more information about ingredients and their effects on our health, we have to reassess our beauty routines and honestly ask ourselves how we can reduce the toxicity of our environment.

I have to admit, I am not a big nail polish person. As a teenager, I LOVED getting my nails done. I would walk down to the nearest nail salon even before I could drive and spend my hard-earned chump change on a manicure and (if I saved up) a pedicure. But when I got to college I learned about the effects nail polish has on your nails, and I noticed the yellow hue of the elder women in my family who had clearly been wearing nail polish for many many years. This scared me. Then I would be hooked on nail polish forever, because without it, my natural nails would look yellow! Ick!

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2 thoughts on “What should I do with all those toxic nail polishes?

    • There are definitely options, in the rest of my post I listed three that the EWG recommends, Anise Cosmetics, Honeybee Gardens, and Nail Aid. Whole foods also sells a brand I forget the name but it’s peel off and water based. Maybe I’ll put up a note on Craigslist that I’m giving all my nail polishes away.

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